Fascial Counterstrain

Fascial Counterstrain (FCS) is a gentle manual therapy that relaxes the fascia, a connective tissue that can spasm and cause pain in response to injury or other factors. The therapist shortens the strained structure to release the tension and eliminate the pain. This is a powerful method of treatment.

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Vancouver accredited physiotherapist giving fascial counterstrain therapy to patient
Marcel Miura, a pioneer in Fascial Counterstrain, brings over 7 years of specialized training from the US to our North Vancouver Physiotherapy clinic, the only one in the city to offer this unique treatment. Featured in Tony Robbins' bestseller 'Life Force,' this modern hands-on technique effectively alleviates fascial strain, enhancing your body's healing process.

It's a gentle, non-invasive method that not only reduces pain but also improves movement and function. With hundreds of patients helped, Marcel's expertise in this main technique has proven to be transformative. It's a cornerstone in our commitment to your musculoskeletal health. Learn more about how Fascial Counterstrain can benefit you at

What kind of injuries and conditions are treated with Fascial Counterstrain?

Back Pain

This includes lower back pain and other spinal discomforts often related to fascial tension or dysfunction.

Neck Pain

Issues in the cervical spine and surrounding fascia, often resulting from posture, injury, or chronic tension.

Sports Injuries

Various injuries common in athletes, such as muscle strains, where fascial tension contributes to pain and restricted movement.
Marcel Miura with patient applying gentle therapy

Joint Pain

This encompasses pain in areas like the knees, shoulders, and hips, where fascial restrictions can impact joint function and comfort