We deliver specialized physiotherapy in Metro Vancouver, helping adults and seniors like you return to the activities you love for lasting well-being.

Are You Experiencing Any of These Problems?

Persistent pain from known or unknown causes.

Mobility affecting work, hobbies, and sleep.

Relying on pain-killers to keep you going.


Together, We Can Bridge the Gap. Here's How.

Full-Body Assessment

Full-Body Assessment that examines your posture and movement to find the source of any discomfort.

Manual Therapy

Hands-on techniques designed to release tension in all tissues of the human body and help reduce inflammation.

Corrective Exercises

Movement Therapy to maintain gains after releasing tissue tension. This will offer you long-lasting results.

Hundreds of patients with back, neck, and knee pain have seen significant improvements after my treatments.

Meet Marcel Miura

Connecta Physio Founder

15 Years of Physiotherapy Experience

Chronic Pain And Sports Physiotherapist

Advanced Hands-On Manual Therapy

Renowned for Unique Treatment Approach

Hear from my happy patients...

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I have been treating chronic pain with Marcel and I can see lots of improvement. He is skillful professional and extremely passionate about his job. Always studying and learning new techniques to assist his patients. I would recommend Marcel’s work.

- Agnes K.

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I met Marcel few years ago through a client (I've been a trainer for 17 years) and she spoke highly of him. Now many of my own clients have been checking in with Marcel when they need any treatment of some pain or a chronic injury. They all feel very satisfied with the results. Marcel is very skilled and knowledgeable and I highly recommend his services.

- Luiz B.

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Marcel is great! He is kind and professional. I came in with nerve issues in my neck radiating into my arm and he helped me figure out the source of the pain/injury and gave me good stretches and techniques to help it heal quickly. He also had guidance on what not to do, which was most of what the internet was telling me! I think without his help and expertise my injury would have taken twice as long to heal! Thanks Marcel!

- Erika S.