Physiotherapy ICBC Direct Billing


ICBC Physiotherapy Costs and Billing

Rest assured, my clinic handles direct billing to ICBC for your physiotherapy sessions. This means there are no direct costs for you to worry about.

ICBC's Physiotherapy Approval Process

ICBC initially approves up to 25 physiotherapy sessions within the first 12 weeks following your accident. If further treatments are essential, I will create and submit a detailed Treatment Plan to ICBC, advocating for your continued care based on your progress and outlined recovery goals.

Getting Started with Physio Treatment

To begin treatment, you simply need your ICBC claim number and the date of the accident. With this information at hand, you can promptly schedule your initial physiotherapy assessment by clicking Book Now

Physio Treatment Beyond 12 Weeks

If more than 12 weeks have elapsed since your accident and you're initiating treatment now, we'll coordinate with ICBC for approval of the initial sessions. During these sessions, I will assess your condition and start treatment, while also preparing a comprehensive Treatment Plan that includes a request for treatment extension if needed.