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PUSH med Elbow EPI

  • Indications: Tennis Elbow (epicondylitis lateralis humeri), Golfer’s Elbow (epicondylitis medialis humeri)
  • Pressure pad reduces pain by directing pressure away from the injured area.
  • Pad is made of skin-compatible viscoelastic polymer.
  • C-shaped shell evenly distributes pressure around the arm and prevents restriction of blood flow.
  • The excellent fit and pad material prevent slipping during movement.
  • Easily self-applied.
  • Made of Sympress™ material, which is comfortable, soft against the skin, breathable and keeps skin dry. Machine washable.
  • Price: $93
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Examples of injuries and conditions that I treat in Vancouver

Vancouver accredited physiotherapist giving fascial counterstrain therapy to patient

Back Pain

This includes lower back pain and other spinal discomforts often related to fascial tension or dysfunction.

Neck Pain

Issues in the cervical spine and surrounding fascia, often resulting from posture, injury, or chronic tension.

Sports Injuries

Various injuries common in athletes, such as muscle strains, where fascial tension contributes to pain and restricted movement.
Marcel Miura with patient applying manual therapy

Joint Pain

This encompasses pain in areas like the knees, shoulders, and hips, where fascial restrictions can impact joint function and comfort